Celebrate the first birthday with cake smash photography

After you have done your maternity and newborn photography, you should not stop there. Rather, you should extend it to the first birthday of the baby. The first birthday is an important milestone in life and has to be celebrated. But what could be better than a cake to represent a birthday?

So, cake smash photography is gaining popularity every day. This is a child-led non-stop photo session. You do not know how your baby will react. Your baby might be apprehensive about the cake, or may right dig into it. No matter, what happens, it entails continuous fun moments as the baby smashes and makes a mess of the cake.

This session need not be precisely on the birthday. Better, get it done by hiring a pro around the birthday for making those adorable shots for the birthday party. You can make it a grand show using cute outfits, balloons, decorations, etc.

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It is not easy to get a perfect cake smash photo

Singaporean parents are now crazy about cake smash to celebrate the first birthday of their babies. But do not think that if you have placed the baby in front of the cake, you will have great photographs!

If you do not know the tricks and are not prepared, there is every chance that you will end up with a cake and a stressed baby on camera. Parental assistance is vital for a perfect cake smash session. The babies are always comfortable with their parents and, therefore, have some snaps of the baby with parents and the cake for making it familiar.

Use a cake made with frosting and not fondant. The babies are moody and may not like to smash the cake. The parents should give a chunk of the cake to the baby to clear out its apprehension and even encourage the baby with clapping to dig into the cake.

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Planning a cake smash shoot? Find out how to do that

If you are looking for a professional photographer, you should always first, find out what are the average cake smash photography prices in Singapore. Singaporean parents typically celebrate the first birthday of their little angels with a cake smash. However, cake smash photos are not limited to the first birthday and can also be done later on with siblings.

While nothing is more adorable than the cake smash photos of the first birthday, it is always associated with whims and challenges. It may so happen that the baby does not touch the cake and when you try to help you end up with a crying baby.

The timing of the photo-shoot is also important because the session continues until the baby gets bored with the cake. So, the baby should be well-fed and relaxed during the photo session and the bay must feel comfortable with whatever outfits and props you use.

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