How to choose newborn and baby photography studios in Singapore

Marriage brings a new phase to the life of the couples and having a baby brings forth another important milestone. Nothing gives parents more pleasure and happiness than cuddling their little angel in their arms. While one can take selfies in this era of smartphones, engaging a professional photographer yields better portraits for the family album. This is why Singaporean parents are crazy about getting newborn photography by professionals in Singapore.

In Singapore, there are many professional photographers who specialize in newborn and baby photography. They have award-winning studios with great editing arrangements. They are experienced with newborns and the babies and hence, deliver excellent images for preserving the first memories. Whether the baby is sleeping, smiling, or crying they can capture them in their true personality.

You must be busy with your exceptionally long things-to-do-list and has hardly any time to go through all newborn photography Singapore to pick one. The article by Singapore’s Child rounds up 5 newborn and baby photography studios in Singapore for you to check. Read more here!

These newborn photographs will touch your heart

Newborn photography is on a craze in Singapore right now. Parents are arranging photoshoots for their baby when he/she is as young as two weeks old! Many parents are doing so because they find it immensely important to document how their baby grows.

Families grow and change but the memory remains. Birth of a baby in the family is the greatest gift for an expectant mom. Despite her physical discomforts, an expectant mom waits for this day to cuddle the baby for fulfilling her motherhood.

While these little bundles are cute, their baby moments pass very fast. So, one need to take photos for capturing them in their full baby glow. Boutique studios are the best for this as they can immortalize the cute baby moments through a series of perfectly shot photographs. The natural, refreshing and timeless photographs are sure to tug your heart.

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Newborn photography Singapore: Check these photography studios

Bringing a new life ushers infinite pleasure and happiness to the family. One can never forget the joyous feeling of the moment. What is a little bundle cuddling in your lap will reach the teens very fast crossing innumerable milestones making you wonder how time flows out quickly.

Only capturing the little bundles in their first few months can help you celebrate the milestones. Hiring a professional photographer is the best option for this. They understand the moods of the newborns and have a knack for the details. As such, they can help you create a great family album with adorable stills of the newborn.

Plenty of newborn photography studios are scattered all over Singapore. This makes picking the best quite challenging. To help you in the process, this site comes up with a list of 7 newborn photographers in Singapore that offer a wide range of services and enjoy positive feedback.

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Looking for newborn photoshoot Singapore? You have many options!

Singaporean parents are now crazy about newborn photography. Every parent finds nothing more amazing than witnessing their newborn’s different growth stages. Newborns have very precious moments, but they grow at a very fast rate. Your little bundle passes through a whirlwind of changes too quickly. Hence, you would have to capture those moments now to keep them forever.

While there are many options, one should start research in early pregnancy. As an expectant parent, you must decide about the style you want. This could be anything from natural, or posed photographs, or with props. Next, shortlist a few whose work you love.

The best time for newborn photographs is within two weeks after birth. During this period they are easier to manage for a cute, curly, and sleepy snap. The professional photographers can deliver amazing portraits capturing the newborns in their true personality. Some use natural light and others prefer natural light for their shots.

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Want to create memories? The pros can help you do that

Living in Singapore you must be busy with your endless jobs to-do list. And, one fine morning you suddenly notice that your little angel has grown big. Families grow and change as time flows. Only a family photo can let you rewind yourself and watch the sweet memories of life.

In the current world of Smartphones, you might think that selfies are as good as professional photographs. But you may need to reconsider as these professional photographers have years of training and exposure to recommend poses, lights, and editing better than the DIY tutorials.

These professional photographers deliver amazing frame-worthy shots that not only show the subjects but also depict the family bonding and their relationship with the environment. They freeze the candid family moments that speak to your heart straight. You can get anything from natural emotional snaps to crazy underwater photography for your family album.

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These Photographers added a dimension to newborn photography

With Instagram being inseparable from our everyday lives, everyone is getting obsessed with sharing precious moments with everyone. Nothing is more precious in life than the arrival of the baby to the family. Their first sound, giggle and smile will melt the hearts of their parents. This is why the Singaporean parents have started riding the bandwagon to hireß professional photographers for capturing the most memorable family milestone.

A baby takes birth only once and the baby days also fly away very fast. So, Singaporean parents are now crazy about capturing the first few days of their baby to cherish the memory in the years to come. Among the newborn photography studios, these local studios have a different approach.

Rather than shooting the newborn with a lot of props, they portray the beautiful emotional side. This evokes a dreamy vibe that you will love forever.

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Celebrate the first birthday with cake smash photography

After you have done your maternity and newborn photography, you should not stop there. Rather, you should extend it to the first birthday of the baby. The first birthday is an important milestone in life and has to be celebrated. But what could be better than a cake to represent a birthday?

So, cake smash photography is gaining popularity every day. This is a child-led non-stop photo session. You do not know how your baby will react. Your baby might be apprehensive about the cake, or may right dig into it. No matter, what happens, it entails continuous fun moments as the baby smashes and makes a mess of the cake.

This session need not be precisely on the birthday. Better, get it done by hiring a pro around the birthday for making those adorable shots for the birthday party. You can make it a grand show using cute outfits, balloons, decorations, etc.

The article by Tiny Babies rounds up popular baby smash cake photography studios in Singapore. Read more here!

It is not easy to get a perfect cake smash photo

Singaporean parents are now crazy about cake smash to celebrate the first birthday of their babies. But do not think that if you have placed the baby in front of the cake, you will have great photographs!

If you do not know the tricks and are not prepared, there is every chance that you will end up with a cake and a stressed baby on camera. Parental assistance is vital for a perfect cake smash session. The babies are always comfortable with their parents and, therefore, have some snaps of the baby with parents and the cake for making it familiar.

Use a cake made with frosting and not fondant. The babies are moody and may not like to smash the cake. The parents should give a chunk of the cake to the baby to clear out its apprehension and even encourage the baby with clapping to dig into the cake.

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Planning a cake smash shoot? Find out how to do that

If you are looking for a professional photographer, you should always first, find out what are the average cake smash photography prices in Singapore. Singaporean parents typically celebrate the first birthday of their little angels with a cake smash. However, cake smash photos are not limited to the first birthday and can also be done later on with siblings.

While nothing is more adorable than the cake smash photos of the first birthday, it is always associated with whims and challenges. It may so happen that the baby does not touch the cake and when you try to help you end up with a crying baby.

The timing of the photo-shoot is also important because the session continues until the baby gets bored with the cake. So, the baby should be well-fed and relaxed during the photo session and the bay must feel comfortable with whatever outfits and props you use.

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Where to have the Best Customized Cakes in Singapore




Where to have the Best Customized Cakes in Singapore

Cakes are a perfect gift and perfect food for all occasions. Whether it is a birthday party, wedding celebration, welcome home party, or a victory party, cakes would always be a perfect part of it. Some of us might be tired of the old designs we always see at shops that is why we can now have our cakes customized according to the designs that you want. In this article, we are going to tell you about the birthday and  cheesecake online shop which you could visit for your customized cakes. Prepare to be amazed.

Let us first read about it in the article by Dinesh Ajith.

Birthday cakes in Singapore: Best bakeries and stores – from personalised cakes to ready-made designs

By the time you’ve sorted out the venues, guest lists and food, the last thing you want to struggle with in the kitchen is your own birthday cake. Save yourself the hassle and let these amazing cake shops sort out your party’s centrepiece with their selection of beautiful, edible artworks.

Shop Wonderland

Since Shop Wonderland’s opening on our street, we’ve been guilty of frequently popping over for a quick caffeine fix, or spending late lunches surrounded by the cafe’s swoon-worthy interiors and abundant flowers. Read more here.

In one of the shops mentioned above which is Susucre, they can do almost every design that you want. Some designs that they have already done include a unicorn, a book, an ocean filled with sea creatures, a cat, a dog, and heck, even a robot for our hatchday. Another shop that you should definitely visit the Ugly Cake Shop which is not really ugly because they have the most beautiful looking cakes that everyone will love. Now, GARY LIM will give us 10 more bake shops for customized cakes.


What’s a party without a gorgeous cake to go along with it? And we don’t mean one of those basic pieces you pick up from a chain bakery – we’re talking elaborate tiered cakes with intricate designs that don’t just make the perfect dessert, but also the most Instagrammable prop for your photo booth.

Little boy turning one? Or perhaps it’s your wedding coming up? Let these ten passionate bakers customise a work of art in every colour and flavour you can dream of.

Prices can range anywhere from $35 for a fairly ‘naked’ 6-inch cake to over $1000 for one that feeds 200 and is laden with various florals and designer macarons. Either way, you’re paying for exactly what you get. Read more here.

Monice Bakes is one shop that you should try when you want to have customized cakes for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and other events. They have rainbow colored cakes that your children will love. Another is the Nanatang Bake House and Studio which combines fresh and delicate buttercream flowers to create realistic floral garden cakes that taste as yummy as they look. In addition, Faryal Najeeb will share to us another five of the best customized cakes in Singapore.

Best 5 Delectable Customized Cakes in Singapore

Love for cake is always special; people just forget every effort you did for the party if your cake is not tasty. Baking a cake for a number of eyes may give you Goosebumps. You might be a great chef but not everyone have an absolute whizz to bake a perfect cake. This is the point where you shrug off your confidence over your cooking expertise and look for shops that bake customized cakes. Acquiring professionals’ help is also not an easy task, particularly in Singapore where love for cake is endless. Read on our blog which tells you about best 5 customized cakes in Singapore. Read more here.

One of the five shops mentioned above is the SG Birthday cakes which does not only customize birthday cakes because they also do customized cartoon characters cakes, 2D and 3D cakes, wedding cakes, engagement cakes, and many more. For another shop which is the 7th Manna, they do not just do your cakes because they even deliver it at your door step. Complete service right? We now won’t have any worries and dilemmas of choosing a cake because we can have it customized according to the design that we want. Who wouldn’t be excited to celebrate if you these cakes?


Five Reasons why Math is Important and Relevant Today

Despite how one may feel about the subject of arithmetic or the vast subject of mathematics, it is here to stay. Since it is of vital importance in our daily lives, it remains relevant. Let us demystify and consider some of the five reasons as to why it takes up so much of our lives.

The Education System
Learning the basics in education like so with the basics of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing has a large bearing on life in the classroom. Children at a young age learn how to use their basic knowledge in every sphere even during their playtime. They learn that every student has a certain time allotted to her or him with a ball or the bat, or the racquet and so on and so forth.

Work Life
Without a smattering of mathematics, one may not get very far. At the primary maths tuition centre in Singapore, children learn the basics to implement this in their daily lives. For instance, once they get to understand that adding the right amounts a teaspoon of sugar to a drink they are able to distinguish how more makes it sweeter. The quantitative approach therefore paves the way in streamlining their negativity to the subject. This also prepares them to tackle the bigger stage, when they leave school and college for a career.

Assemble Building Blocks
To the primary student this may come across as something that they did while they were younger. Using this methodology in the classroom makes learning the elements of constructing something with simple building blocks. With the help of simple arithmetic, the child learns to assemble things together and create something out of the blocks. The aptitude therefore eggs him on for further learning and understanding this basic need.

Accounts and Finance
Kids surprisingly are very vigilant when it comes to their pocket money. In learning how to add and subtract the amounts that they spend, they are equipped to tackle the bigger stuff. You can bet that the smart kid will use his knowledge of basic mathematics and save some pennies for a rainy day!

Helping Mum in the Kitchen
Children usually enjoy helping out in the kitchen, provided there is no cleaning up! Using their basic skills in the form of dividing and adding what is necessary while they bake is a fun experience.

As the years go by, the learning curve improves with the vast knowledge. Read up on the website about the advantages of early learning in mathematics and the advantages available at the primary maths tuition centre in Singapore.

Games for Toddlers That Help In Math Enrichment

Encouraging a child to learn math can be a mammoth task sometime as they may not always be in the mood for learning through the traditional methods. Math enrichment for K2 level students sometimes include different games into their lesson plans that would help them teach the child better without the fear of the child losing interest in the lesson. There are different types of indoor, outdoor and also online games that help in math enrichment for the child.

Outdoor Games

1.Number line run: this simple sidewalk game can help children recognise numbers and the order of the numbers by just drawing a chalk number line on the side walk.

2.Backyard number hunt: hide different number cut outs or blocks in the backyard and get the child to look for the one that you call out.

3.Sidewalk chalk counting maze: like the number line dawning a chalk maze and telling the child to follow the order of numbers to be able to get out of the maze.

4.Fire hose practice game: this is a great way to clean up the numbers drawn on the sidewalk. Using a squirter ask the child to put out the number that you call out by cleaning it up. You can also include simple addition and subtraction sums that the children have to solve to find the number to put out.

Indoor Games

1.Math hunt: Get the child to search for the number of objects around the house that is on the card. It is an easy game that the child will have a lot of fun playing

2.Blocks matching games: there are a number of toys that help match different shaped blocks to their respective holes. This is the best way to teach the child shapes.

3.Lego Brick math game: by asking the child to build a tower of a certain number of blocks or ask them to count the number of blocks in the tower you can integrate learning into play time.

4.Egg counting games: Different colourer plastic eggs can be used to help the child learn counting and also help in addition and subtraction sums.

Online Games

There are a large number of online games that can be found in the market to facilitate math learning in children of different ages. Any one of these can help the child learn math and also have a lot of fun in the process.

Choice Of Child Care Centres In Singapore

Singapore has a high-quality infrastructure for child care right from infant level. A number of child-care and infant care centres are present, giving working parents the option of keeping their child in the care centre and going to work, instead of one parent having to stay at home full time to mind the child.

Child care centres (children aged 18 months and upwards) are far more numerous than infant care centes (children 2 months to 18 months old). Generally, the infant care centre is a spin-off of the primary child-care centre. As of May, 2015, there were 393 Singapore infant care centres available to parents , with 3769 children enrolled, and average full day fees of $1445 per month.

Listed below are some of the popular infant care centres in Singapore:

PCF Sparkletots:

PCF has been around since 1991. It offers care services for infants from 2 months old, to students up to 14 years old. It also has quite a few branches, so that is an advantage when parents want the centre to be close by and don’t wish to spend too much time driving them back and forth.

My First Skool:

This too has some centres at different locations, to ensure easy reach from different neighbourhoods. Their Skool-Educare curriculum is specially designed for children aged 2 months to 3 years. Sensory, motor and self-help skills are taught through object-based activities.

Cherie Hearts:

This group tries to make learning fun by adopting a learning-through-experience approach. With the advantage of many centres, this again is a good choice for parents considering child care centres. Children are given liberty, under keen supervision, to explore and learn on their own.

Learning vision:

Learning vision is an employer-sponsored child care centre. This means they have tie-ups with corporates and institutions, whose employees’ children are taken in by the centre. Learning vision has earned some awards over the years, including Healthy Eating award, Outstanding Teacher award and some others.

Safari House:

This brand has bi-lingual teaching programme, with English and Chinese-Mandarin being the languages employed. Phonemic awareness, literature, writing etc are some of the course components here.


Inspired by Program for Infant/Toddler Care, Skool4kidz focuses on nurturing the relationship between the care-giver and the infant. It is formed by Kinderland Educare Services and Dr. Jane Ching-Kwan.

My World Pre-School:

The teachers at My World Pre-School are inculcated with values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Through teachers, the school strives to teach children about everyday problem-solving, ability to observe and read intentions, among others.

Skills You Should Help Your Child With Before They Start Preschool

Will your child start preschool soon? This may be a major milestone both in the lives of your little one, as well as for you. Though you may be thrilled with the prospect of your kid making new friends and learning new things, you may be also going through certain conflicting thoughts. You are perhaps a little sad that your kid will step into an unknown world without you. Do not worry since these emotions are not unusual. Your kid may also undergo a string of emotions about the transition period. While he could feel proud of becoming a big kid, he could be worrying about how to cope without your presence beside him.

So make sure your kid knows the basic things before you send them to the preschool.

Teach them to tie their shoes

Instead of teaching them the entire tying process in one go, let them practice that in steps. To start, let them learn how to make that first loop for the initial few days. Let them practice tying your shoes, cushions, and other things. You can teach them the remaining tying process in steps, until they can tie their shoelaces without help.

Make her care for her own things

When your kid goes to a preschool, she has to take care of her own things. Moreover, she will be also expected to clean the place after the group activities are over. So, it is better to teach her how to take care of the things she owns. To start with, you can put a basket in her room and ask her to put the things there.

Teach her basic hygiene

Illness could be a major issue for your kids in their classroom. Teach them good hygiene habits like sneezing or coughing into their elbows. Make your child practice ways of using and disposing tissues and washing her hands properly. You should tell her not to share her drinks with other kids at the preschool.

How to put the straw inside the juice box

This particular task needs a lot of fine-tuning, like learning to take off the rain boots or zip her backpack. So, give her lots of chances to practice that until she perfects the art before going to her preschool.

How to button up pants, wash hands and use a bathroom

This is again not a difficult thing to teach your little one. In case your kid is unable to button his pants on his own, you may pack various different pants in his bag, as well as buying him pants that doesn’t require zipping up. Alternatively, he can also request the teacher help him zip up his pants. However, many children will prefer not to stand in front of his classmates and ask the teacher for help.

Teach him basic information

Is your kid aware of his contact number, phone number, and name? He should since there are all important details. Make sure that your little one is conversant with these details before starting his preschool Singapore .

Infant Care In Singapore

Children aged between 2 and 18 months fall in the category of infants for Singapore’s definition of infant care. Mostly, it is the child care centres (catering to older children), that also offer separate services for Singapore infant care. They provide full day and half day programmes for infants.

Apart from caring for the infants while their parents are at work, these centres also try to develop the infant’s physical, cognitive and psychosocial faculties. Specialised training for handling infants is a pre-requisite for staff at these infant care centres, so it is mandatory for the centre to employ a state registered nurse or qualified infant care teacher to look after their needs.

The recommended teacher to infant ratio is 1:5 at these centres. This low ratio ensures proper and adequate attention to every infant. The minimum floor space requisite is 5M2 for every infant/toddler enrolled at the centre. This large per-infant allocation of space is to allow free mobility and safety. An infant care programme primarily focuses on routine care of the infants, rituals and play-time. The idea is to foster a parent-child kind of relationship between the care-giver and the infant, because at this age, the child is almost completely dependent on the care-giver for all of his/her needs. To make up for the absence of parents, a routine encompassing most of the activities that infants need, and want, to do is established.

Singapore also offers subsidies for fees of infant and child care centres. These depend on whether single or both parents are working, how many hours they work, whether the care centre programme is half day or full day, and the monthly family income. So although infant care centres are expensive, significant subsidies ensure that they don’t become burdensome to the parents. The logic behind these infant care centres is that mothers can stay employed even after a child is born. So, if the mother also works, taking into account the subsidy provided by the government, and the additional family income generated by the working mother, it should work to the advantage of the family. It should work to increase the overall financial standing of the family. It is also a recognition of the fact that women can contribute significantly to the national economy even after starting a family, if a viable and quality child-care programme is offered to care for the child in the mother’s absence.

7 Features of a good preschool

Are you looking for the best Singapore preschool? Different preschools in the Singapore provide different facilities. Choosing an appropriate preschool out of all these preschools may appear to be a difficult task to you. You do not need to worry as you will get to know about the features offered by a good preschool.

Low student-teacher ratio:-

It is one of the most important characteristics of the best preschool. A high quality preschool will take care of the teacher-student ratio in such a way that one teacher will teach only eight to ten students at a time. In this way, the teacher will be able to interact with the children in a better way and pay attention on each child.

Friendly environment:-

A good preschool will have a friendly environment in the classrooms. The teachers behave in such a manner that children do not fear them. It would not look rigorous or boring. The classrooms are decorated with various colorful pictures in order to create a joyful atmosphere. Kids have a lot of fun while learning many new things.


When you go visit a good preschool, you will find the whole school is up to your cleanliness standards. The cleaning material will be kept away from the classrooms so that children could not reach there. The teachers will also have knowledge regarding first aid or how to handle medical issues. There will also be medical supplies so that if any child gets injured, they can help him or her.

Well-experienced teachers:-

A good preschool will hire only teachers who have experience of many years in the teaching field. The teachers know very well how to make studies more interesting and how to handle the kids. They take care of the children like a mother and never give them any physical punishment. The teachers will also make special efforts so that your child can feel comfortable and adjust easily in a new environment.

Observe Curriculum:-

The curriculum can also give an idea about the standard of a preschool. A good preschool will not only focus on academic skills but also on social skills. Your child will play many interesting games that will increase the sharpness of his or her mind. The preschool activities will also teach your child social values like how to interact with your elders as well as likeminded companions. Self-confidence will also be developed in your child.

Physical tasks:-

The various physical tasks will help the children in practicing their motor skills. The preschool organizes many fun-loving sports activities such as racing, playing with the ball, etc. There will also be indoor games to play for children in addition to outdoor games.

Make full use of time:-

The best preschools set certain timings for each activity whether it is reading books, playing games or taking a nap. The children will also be taught how to keep the room tidy thus inculcating a sense of responsibility and capability among them. A good preschool also ensures that kids will focus on their studies without wasting any time.

Insider Strategies For Getting The Best Bak Chor Mee

A recent research study shows that there are more plates of Bak Chor Mee being sold on a daily basis in Singapore than any other meal. This food is mainly minced meat with noodles. Chefs have come up with brilliant ways of including fish balls, mushrooms and crispy pork in their recipes. Even so, it goes without saying that some professionals will simply master preparation of this meal better than others. If you want to enjoy the best Bak Chor Mee within your area, there are a few insider strategies that may come in handy.

Eating healthy is just as important as ensuring that you would enjoy each bite that you take. In this respect, you need to consider the food preparation process carefully in order to identify experts who could genuinely give you the best value for your money. Then again, other aspects that accompany good food such as a suitable atmosphere and great customer service should also be considered.

You may wonder how you go about finding the finest Bak Chor Mee stall. As you go about research, focus on finding professionals who will not just serve as a convenience when you do not have the time to cook your own food, but those who could keep you looking forward to your next visit to the restaurant. Making all rounded considerations could help you find professionals who will get this kind of a spell on you.

Food is a topic that has often risen to become a subject of contentious debate. In Singapore in particular, you are likely to find more people willing to be vocal on food matters than on partisan politics. This also means that you could easily find the best stalls by seeking the views of trusted acquaintances within your circles.

The reputation of a prospective restaurant could tell you a lot about what to expect of the general dining experience that could be offered. There is always a need of doing a background screening of potential experts in order to know what they are truly made of. Competent experts may not lack harsh critics who are not on their side. Even so, they will still maintain a decent customer rating.

An inviting aroma is a prime trait of any decent restaurant. This means that a fresh pot of food is being prepared in the kitchen. You are also bound to see numerous customers within such establishments. With so many restaurants to choose from, only the finest professionals get to attract and maintain a stable client base.