What to expect from hearing loss test

Do you find it difficult to hear what your friend or family member is saying?  How can you be 100% sure?  Hearing loss has affected a lot of people in a gradual or progressive manner that makes it very difficult for any of the symptoms to be noticed.

A hearing loss can have a big impact on your general health, therefore, it is important that you start getting some hearing test so that you can catch it early and prevent it from deteriorating.

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The reason why you need to carry out a hearing test is not solely to determine if you are having a hearing problem but also to know how serious it is. At the end of a thorough hearing test, you will be able to determine the type and category of your hearing loss and also the best medical treatment that will address your hearing problem will be administered as quickly as possible.

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Hearing history

When you visit a hearing professional, the first thing they normally do is to get to know you on a personal level, your hearing health, your medical history and other health concerns you may have. There are a lot of factors that could cause hearing loss, so, it is important to get to know anything that could have led to it.

It could be that your hearing problem was inherited or as a result of a medical condition, like an ear infection, head cold, allergies and even as a result of the impact of ear wax.

Hearing practitioners might ask you if you have recently experienced a trauma to your head because any injury to the cranial region can lead to either a permanent or a temporary damage to the ear. Even more, your hearing practitioner may ask you if you have been exposed to very loud noise or if you work in an environment that is very loud.

Lastly, your hearing professionals might want you to tell them in details some of the symptoms you experience as well as how they are affecting your life. They want to get a grasp of your lifestyle, the type of work you do and your hobbies.

After your doctor has collected all data on your hearing history he will then begin your hearing test.

Hearing test

Many people have the notion that hearing test is painful but it might surprise you to know that they are painless. Most of the time, they are carried out in a quiet room, that is designed to keep external noise that may affect the score of your hearing exam.

While you are there, you will be asked to wear headphones, wire or earplugs that are going to be connected to an instrument that is known as the audiometer. The role of this instrument is to conduct your hearing test.

Once you are inside the soundproof area, your hearing practitioner will give you a series of instructions on your headphone. Next, you will be asked to listen to a number of tones at different volume and pitch and to push a dedicated button when you can hear them.

While you are there, you will need to concentrate and focus so that you can respond even to a very soft tone. The goal of the test is to measure the softest sound you are able to hear at each frequency.

A speech audiometer is yet another important component of a lot of hearing test. The speech audiometer uses a recorded speech instead of tones. At the end of the hearing test, you will be able receive the result of your test.

It is important you make a great deal of research before you head out to a hearing treatment center.