What Makes CherieHearts The Best Option For Your Pre-Schooler?

As parents, it is your responsibility to make sure that your children have a successful future. However, parenting also comes with its own share of challenges. Children are the focal points in the lives of all parents and it is natural that you want to see them grow up as well-adjusted and happy individuals. Even psychologists opine that parents need to play a crucial role so that they can set an excellent example for their kids on how to lead a fulfilled and enriched life.

Why should you opt for Mindchamps for your kids?

Mindchamps, a Singapore-based preschool, offers modern enrichment and academic programs for kids from eighteen months to six years old in various levels, like kindergarten, nursery and playgroup levels.

Mindchamps has designed a scientific curriculum after doing extensive research from the four key domains like Theatre, Child Psychology, Neuroscience and Early Childhood Education. It offers a bilingual curriculum that covers the various aspects of your preschoolers. Its programs are highly enriching and are of extremely high standards.

Extensive Teachers Training Programs

It is one of the finest preschools and playgroup Singapore where the teachers need to go through extensive accreditation and compulsory training programs that lasts for up to two hundred hours. The goal is to make sure that your kid’s mind is developed by teachers who are thoroughly dedicated and highly-qualified.

Mindchamps preschool knows the importance of a smooth and successful transition of kids in the kindergarten level to the primary schools. So, they have specifically designed the curriculum to include a host of interesting activities which can prepare the kids for the alterations in routines, environment, relationships and teaching styles as they enroll in primary school.

The beautiful thing about the preschool is it is much more than just being a childcare center. They take all possible steps to make sure that your kids have high academic success in the future.

Special reading program

Two of the most critical skills for your young learner is the ability to write and read well. If you want your little ones to be well-educated, they need to be confident and skilled writers and readers. Many studies have demonstrated that young kids who participate in language enrichment programs outside regular school hours can surge ahead of their peers. They can also excel academically in their school days.