What to expect from hearing loss test

Do you find it difficult to hear what your friend or family member is saying?  How can you be 100% sure?  Hearing loss has affected a lot of people in a gradual or progressive manner that makes it very difficult for any of the symptoms to be noticed.

A hearing loss can have a big impact on your general health, therefore, it is important that you start getting some hearing test so that you can catch it early and prevent it from deteriorating.

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The reason why you need to carry out a hearing test is not solely to determine if you are having a hearing problem but also to know how serious it is. At the end of a thorough hearing test, you will be able to determine the type and category of your hearing loss and also the best medical treatment that will address your hearing problem will be administered as quickly as possible.

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Hearing history

When you visit a hearing professional, the first thing they normally do is to get to know you on a personal level, your hearing health, your medical history and other health concerns you may have. There are a lot of factors that could cause hearing loss, so, it is important to get to know anything that could have led to it.

It could be that your hearing problem was inherited or as a result of a medical condition, like an ear infection, head cold, allergies and even as a result of the impact of ear wax.

Hearing practitioners might ask you if you have recently experienced a trauma to your head because any injury to the cranial region can lead to either a permanent or a temporary damage to the ear. Even more, your hearing practitioner may ask you if you have been exposed to very loud noise or if you work in an environment that is very loud.

Lastly, your hearing professionals might want you to tell them in details some of the symptoms you experience as well as how they are affecting your life. They want to get a grasp of your lifestyle, the type of work you do and your hobbies.

After your doctor has collected all data on your hearing history he will then begin your hearing test.

Hearing test

Many people have the notion that hearing test is painful but it might surprise you to know that they are painless. Most of the time, they are carried out in a quiet room, that is designed to keep external noise that may affect the score of your hearing exam.

While you are there, you will be asked to wear headphones, wire or earplugs that are going to be connected to an instrument that is known as the audiometer. The role of this instrument is to conduct your hearing test.

Once you are inside the soundproof area, your hearing practitioner will give you a series of instructions on your headphone. Next, you will be asked to listen to a number of tones at different volume and pitch and to push a dedicated button when you can hear them.

While you are there, you will need to concentrate and focus so that you can respond even to a very soft tone. The goal of the test is to measure the softest sound you are able to hear at each frequency.

A speech audiometer is yet another important component of a lot of hearing test. The speech audiometer uses a recorded speech instead of tones. At the end of the hearing test, you will be able receive the result of your test.

It is important you make a great deal of research before you head out to a hearing treatment center.

Why is the Correct Approach Important While Solving Math Problems

There are various different strategies that are used when solving math problems. Although all of these will be right and give some kind of answer to the question that answer may not necessarily be the correct answer. Mathematics is a vast subject and has many different types of sums that the student will come across. These different sums will in turn have different types of methods that will help solve the problem. It is very important that the child know which approach to use when attempting a particular problem. For example, logical reasoning sums will need to be solved using the finding a pattern method whereas the word problems can be solved by either using the guess and check method or the problem solving method in which the student will ask a few questions and with the help of these questions draw a picture or diagram which will help them solve the sum easily.

How can you help your child learn?

Many new methods of solving math problems are arising day by day and thus it is not always easy for a parent to keep up with these different methods. This is where primary maths tuition centre comes into the picture. They are always up to date with the changes in the math field and know all the new methods of solving the problems. Math enrichment centres also help the child to choose the method that is best suited to them when solving the various problems this helps them to grow confident in their school life and excel in the future as great mathematicians.

Importance of knowing the right approach

Knowing the right approach to solving a problem can increase the level of confidence in the child and thus helps them also gain personal growth and become more confident in life. There are difference approaches taught by the different teachers as the child progresses from at the child care centre to learning at mainstream program outlets. Hence it is important that the children identifies the most comfortable approach towards learning maths. Essentially studying math is a precursor to problem solving in real life. It teaches the child that there is never a single solution to a problem and that all problems can be easily solved if they have the right approach towards it. Thus it is very important that children learn the right approach to solving problems from a young age as this is a very important skill that they need for life and to be valuable contributors to the society that we live in when they grow up. This will not only improve their own life but also the overall standard of living.

Five Reasons why Math is Important and Relevant Today

Despite how one may feel about the subject of arithmetic or the vast subject of mathematics, it is here to stay. Since it is of vital importance in our daily lives, it remains relevant. Let us demystify and consider some of the five reasons as to why it takes up so much of our lives.

The Education System
Learning the basics in education like so with the basics of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing has a large bearing on life in the classroom. Children at a young age learn how to use their basic knowledge in every sphere even during their playtime. They learn that every student has a certain time allotted to her or him with a ball or the bat, or the racquet and so on and so forth.

Work Life
Without a smattering of mathematics, one may not get very far. At the primary maths tuition centre in Singapore, children learn the basics to implement this in their daily lives. For instance, once they get to understand that adding the right amounts a teaspoon of sugar to a drink they are able to distinguish how more makes it sweeter. The quantitative approach therefore paves the way in streamlining their negativity to the subject. This also prepares them to tackle the bigger stage, when they leave school and college for a career.

Assemble Building Blocks
To the primary student this may come across as something that they did while they were younger. Using this methodology in the classroom makes learning the elements of constructing something with simple building blocks. With the help of simple arithmetic, the child learns to assemble things together and create something out of the blocks. The aptitude therefore eggs him on for further learning and understanding this basic need.

Accounts and Finance
Kids surprisingly are very vigilant when it comes to their pocket money. In learning how to add and subtract the amounts that they spend, they are equipped to tackle the bigger stuff. You can bet that the smart kid will use his knowledge of basic mathematics and save some pennies for a rainy day!

Helping Mum in the Kitchen
Children usually enjoy helping out in the kitchen, provided there is no cleaning up! Using their basic skills in the form of dividing and adding what is necessary while they bake is a fun experience.

As the years go by, the learning curve improves with the vast knowledge. Read up on the website http://ylc.edu.sg/math-booster/ about the advantages of early learning in mathematics and the advantages available at the primary maths tuition centre in Singapore.

Games for Toddlers That Help In Math Enrichment

Encouraging a child to learn math can be a mammoth task sometime as they may not always be in the mood for learning through the traditional methods. Math enrichment for K2 level students sometimes include different games into their lesson plans that would help them teach the child better without the fear of the child losing interest in the lesson. There are different types of indoor, outdoor and also online games that help in math enrichment for the child.

Outdoor Games

1.Number line run: this simple sidewalk game can help children recognise numbers and the order of the numbers by just drawing a chalk number line on the side walk.

2.Backyard number hunt: hide different number cut outs or blocks in the backyard and get the child to look for the one that you call out.

3.Sidewalk chalk counting maze: like the number line dawning a chalk maze and telling the child to follow the order of numbers to be able to get out of the maze.

4.Fire hose practice game: this is a great way to clean up the numbers drawn on the sidewalk. Using a squirter ask the child to put out the number that you call out by cleaning it up. You can also include simple addition and subtraction sums that the children have to solve to find the number to put out.

Indoor Games

1.Math hunt: Get the child to search for the number of objects around the house that is on the card. It is an easy game that the child will have a lot of fun playing

2.Blocks matching games: there are a number of toys that help match different shaped blocks to their respective holes. This is the best way to teach the child shapes.

3.Lego Brick math game: by asking the child to build a tower of a certain number of blocks or ask them to count the number of blocks in the tower you can integrate learning into play time.

4.Egg counting games: Different colourer plastic eggs can be used to help the child learn counting and also help in addition and subtraction sums.

Online Games

There are a large number of online games that can be found in the market to facilitate math learning in children of different ages. Any one of these can help the child learn math and also have a lot of fun in the process.

What Makes CherieHearts The Best Option For Your Pre-Schooler?

As parents, it is your responsibility to make sure that your children have a successful future. However, parenting also comes with its own share of challenges. Children are the focal points in the lives of all parents and it is natural that you want to see them grow up as well-adjusted and happy individuals. Even psychologists opine that parents need to play a crucial role so that they can set an excellent example for their kids on how to lead a fulfilled and enriched life.

Why should you opt for Mindchamps for your kids?

Mindchamps, a Singapore-based preschool, offers modern enrichment and academic programs for kids from eighteen months to six years old in various levels, like kindergarten, nursery and playgroup levels.

Mindchamps has designed a scientific curriculum after doing extensive research from the four key domains like Theatre, Child Psychology, Neuroscience and Early Childhood Education. It offers a bilingual curriculum that covers the various aspects of your preschoolers. Its programs are highly enriching and are of extremely high standards.

Extensive Teachers Training Programs

It is one of the finest preschools and playgroup Singapore where the teachers need to go through extensive accreditation and compulsory training programs that lasts for up to two hundred hours. The goal is to make sure that your kid’s mind is developed by teachers who are thoroughly dedicated and highly-qualified.

Mindchamps preschool knows the importance of a smooth and successful transition of kids in the kindergarten level to the primary schools. So, they have specifically designed the curriculum to include a host of interesting activities which can prepare the kids for the alterations in routines, environment, relationships and teaching styles as they enroll in primary school.

The beautiful thing about the preschool is it is much more than just being a childcare center. They take all possible steps to make sure that your kids have high academic success in the future.

Special reading program

Two of the most critical skills for your young learner is the ability to write and read well. If you want your little ones to be well-educated, they need to be confident and skilled writers and readers. Many studies have demonstrated that young kids who participate in language enrichment programs outside regular school hours can surge ahead of their peers. They can also excel academically in their school days.

Choice Of Child Care Centres In Singapore

Singapore has a high-quality infrastructure for child care right from infant level. A number of child-care and infant care centres are present, giving working parents the option of keeping their child in the care centre and going to work, instead of one parent having to stay at home full time to mind the child.

Child care centres (children aged 18 months and upwards) are far more numerous than infant care centes (children 2 months to 18 months old). Generally, the infant care centre is a spin-off of the primary child-care centre. As of May, 2015, there were 393 Singapore infant care centres available to parents , with 3769 children enrolled, and average full day fees of $1445 per month.

Listed below are some of the popular infant care centres in Singapore:

PCF Sparkletots:

PCF has been around since 1991. It offers care services for infants from 2 months old, to students up to 14 years old. It also has quite a few branches, so that is an advantage when parents want the centre to be close by and don’t wish to spend too much time driving them back and forth.

My First Skool:

This too has some centres at different locations, to ensure easy reach from different neighbourhoods. Their Skool-Educare curriculum is specially designed for children aged 2 months to 3 years. Sensory, motor and self-help skills are taught through object-based activities.

Cherie Hearts:

This group tries to make learning fun by adopting a learning-through-experience approach. With the advantage of many centres, this again is a good choice for parents considering child care centres. Children are given liberty, under keen supervision, to explore and learn on their own.

Learning vision:

Learning vision is an employer-sponsored child care centre. This means they have tie-ups with corporates and institutions, whose employees’ children are taken in by the centre. Learning vision has earned some awards over the years, including Healthy Eating award, Outstanding Teacher award and some others.

Safari House:

This brand has bi-lingual teaching programme, with English and Chinese-Mandarin being the languages employed. Phonemic awareness, literature, writing etc are some of the course components here.


Inspired by Program for Infant/Toddler Care, Skool4kidz focuses on nurturing the relationship between the care-giver and the infant. It is formed by Kinderland Educare Services and Dr. Jane Ching-Kwan.

My World Pre-School:

The teachers at My World Pre-School are inculcated with values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Through teachers, the school strives to teach children about everyday problem-solving, ability to observe and read intentions, among others.

Skills You Should Help Your Child With Before They Start Preschool

Will your child start preschool soon? This may be a major milestone both in the lives of your little one, as well as for you. Though you may be thrilled with the prospect of your kid making new friends and learning new things, you may be also going through certain conflicting thoughts. You are perhaps a little sad that your kid will step into an unknown world without you. Do not worry since these emotions are not unusual. Your kid may also undergo a string of emotions about the transition period. While he could feel proud of becoming a big kid, he could be worrying about how to cope without your presence beside him.

So make sure your kid knows the basic things before you send them to the preschool.

Teach them to tie their shoes

Instead of teaching them the entire tying process in one go, let them practice that in steps. To start, let them learn how to make that first loop for the initial few days. Let them practice tying your shoes, cushions, and other things. You can teach them the remaining tying process in steps, until they can tie their shoelaces without help.

Make her care for her own things

When your kid goes to a preschool, she has to take care of her own things. Moreover, she will be also expected to clean the place after the group activities are over. So, it is better to teach her how to take care of the things she owns. To start with, you can put a basket in her room and ask her to put the things there.

Teach her basic hygiene

Illness could be a major issue for your kids in their classroom. Teach them good hygiene habits like sneezing or coughing into their elbows. Make your child practice ways of using and disposing tissues and washing her hands properly. You should tell her not to share her drinks with other kids at the preschool.

How to put the straw inside the juice box

This particular task needs a lot of fine-tuning, like learning to take off the rain boots or zip her backpack. So, give her lots of chances to practice that until she perfects the art before going to her preschool.

How to button up pants, wash hands and use a bathroom

This is again not a difficult thing to teach your little one. In case your kid is unable to button his pants on his own, you may pack various different pants in his bag, as well as buying him pants that doesn’t require zipping up. Alternatively, he can also request the teacher help him zip up his pants. However, many children will prefer not to stand in front of his classmates and ask the teacher for help.

Teach him basic information

Is your kid aware of his contact number, phone number, and name? He should since there are all important details. Make sure that your little one is conversant with these details before starting his preschool Singapore .

Infant Care In Singapore

Children aged between 2 and 18 months fall in the category of infants for Singapore’s definition of infant care. Mostly, it is the child care centres (catering to older children), that also offer separate services for Singapore infant care. They provide full day and half day programmes for infants.

Apart from caring for the infants while their parents are at work, these centres also try to develop the infant’s physical, cognitive and psychosocial faculties. Specialised training for handling infants is a pre-requisite for staff at these infant care centres, so it is mandatory for the centre to employ a state registered nurse or qualified infant care teacher to look after their needs.

The recommended teacher to infant ratio is 1:5 at these centres. This low ratio ensures proper and adequate attention to every infant. The minimum floor space requisite is 5M2 for every infant/toddler enrolled at the centre. This large per-infant allocation of space is to allow free mobility and safety. An infant care programme primarily focuses on routine care of the infants, rituals and play-time. The idea is to foster a parent-child kind of relationship between the care-giver and the infant, because at this age, the child is almost completely dependent on the care-giver for all of his/her needs. To make up for the absence of parents, a routine encompassing most of the activities that infants need, and want, to do is established.

Singapore also offers subsidies for fees of infant and child care centres. These depend on whether single or both parents are working, how many hours they work, whether the care centre programme is half day or full day, and the monthly family income. So although infant care centres are expensive, significant subsidies ensure that they don’t become burdensome to the parents. The logic behind these infant care centres is that mothers can stay employed even after a child is born. So, if the mother also works, taking into account the subsidy provided by the government, and the additional family income generated by the working mother, it should work to the advantage of the family. It should work to increase the overall financial standing of the family. It is also a recognition of the fact that women can contribute significantly to the national economy even after starting a family, if a viable and quality child-care programme is offered to care for the child in the mother’s absence.

Ways to Enhance Social Skills of Your Child

Most of the kids love to make friends but some appear a little antisocial and they are often used to playing alone. It is possible to have many reasons behind this behaviour but parents are responsible for not giving attention to such matters. Some kids may lack in confidence or may have s shy nature that causes difficulties in the development of common social skills. There are always a few things that you need to care about in order to teach your child social behaviour and boost his ability to have healthy communications with others.

Social interactions and friendships are some of the most important factors for building self esteem in little kids, which is important as they start nursery in Singapore. Below are a few tips that you need to follow for helping your kid in the development of good social behaviour:

Learn to ask:

A kid must have an inquisitive nature so that he/she can learn new things; if you child does not ask questions then you need to teach him about the benefits of asking questions. Try to engage your kids in some role play type games so that they find a chance to make conversation and try to understand characters.

Picture cards:

It is good to use some picture cards to teach your little child about different types of emotions and body languages. Let your child interpret information from these cards and make judgements about some common facial expressions like happy, frustrated, sad, bored and angry, etc.

Follow their interests:

Parents need to observe the interests and attractions of their kids so that they can be allowed to act according to their hobbies. Try to find out what fascinates them the most so that you can use that item to build the social skills of your child.

Contact their Teacher:

If you want to know about the social behaviour of your child then it is better to interact with their teacher and get some suggestions about what kind of development-related efforts are required from your side.

Engage them in some activities:

Include some fun-oriented play hours in your child’s routine activities so that they can start thinking creatively and add some innovations to normal life work. Try to get involved in their play so that they can find more opportunities to interact and express what he feels.

Invite friends at home:

It is good to encourage your kid for development of healthy relations and never forget to invite some of his best friends at home for parties. Observe how your child behaves with other kids and teach him the right ways to present his view point in front of others.

Know the limits:

For every kid, there is a limit to socialism and they cannot go beyond that. Never ever force your child to do what he does not like to otherwise it will spoil his mood. Let them make decisions about their time table and assist them in some future planning.

Raise awareness:

Let your kid know the importance of good social skills and help him in building up those skills slowly without any annoying force. Set some examples in front of him from your life cycle so that he can understand the value of socialism.

Why Kids Should be Involved in After School Activities

The most common question in the mind of almost all parents is whether a kid must be engaged in after school activities or not. According to a recent study done by professionals of child care in Singapore, it is really important to spend time for after school activities, especially if your kid never gets proper opportunities in school premises. Records prove that students who stay involved in programs other than routine studies are able to score much better in their academics too.

For the overall development of youth, it becomes important to spare time for a variety of things other than academics because some students may be good at dance, singing, artwork etc and if they stay over-occupied with routine studies only, all other talents will be lost. The benefits of these extra efforts can be discussed as below:

Time Management:

The extracurricular activities help students to learn time management for all the tasks of their routine life. They learn to prioritize things according to their commitments.

Exploring new Things:

There can be so many activities related to school or other training institutes where your kid would love to participate actively in like drama club, school band or a specific sports activity, etc. If you allow your kid to get engaged into activities they are interested in, they will soon be able to discover which one they are more passionate about and any one of these can lead to a career they can build.

Contributing Nature:

When students get involved in extracurricular activities, they learn to make contributions to the society or school. It teaches them the tactics to be social and prepare them to live a better life outside academics.

Self Esteem:

If kids are able to master skills in different activities then they will probably build more confidence. Participation in after school activities is not a burden for students. Instead, it works as an opportunity for them where they are able to do activities in a stress-free manner. In academics, students may feel pressurized but when they are involved in other creative work, they may get a boost of self esteem.


Most of the activities like music, dancing, clubs and sports demand team efforts where all students come forward to achieve the same goal. With active participation in such activities, students are able to learn teamwork as well as learn to develop healthy relations with others. The after school activities help kids to become more socialized and they soon become able to share their interests.


You may feel surprised to know this but it is well proven that students who spend time in extracurricular activities are usually able to perform much better in their academics too because their mind stays always ready for overall development and they can score better grades. The after school activities are some of the best hours in the life of a student where he/she can explore things they might not be able to experience in an academic setting.

7 Features of a good preschool

Are you looking for the best Singapore preschool? Different preschools in the Singapore provide different facilities. Choosing an appropriate preschool out of all these preschools may appear to be a difficult task to you. You do not need to worry as you will get to know about the features offered by a good preschool.

Low student-teacher ratio:-

It is one of the most important characteristics of the best preschool. A high quality preschool will take care of the teacher-student ratio in such a way that one teacher will teach only eight to ten students at a time. In this way, the teacher will be able to interact with the children in a better way and pay attention on each child.

Friendly environment:-

A good preschool will have a friendly environment in the classrooms. The teachers behave in such a manner that children do not fear them. It would not look rigorous or boring. The classrooms are decorated with various colorful pictures in order to create a joyful atmosphere. Kids have a lot of fun while learning many new things.


When you go visit a good preschool, you will find the whole school is up to your cleanliness standards. The cleaning material will be kept away from the classrooms so that children could not reach there. The teachers will also have knowledge regarding first aid or how to handle medical issues. There will also be medical supplies so that if any child gets injured, they can help him or her.

Well-experienced teachers:-

A good preschool will hire only teachers who have experience of many years in the teaching field. The teachers know very well how to make studies more interesting and how to handle the kids. They take care of the children like a mother and never give them any physical punishment. The teachers will also make special efforts so that your child can feel comfortable and adjust easily in a new environment.

Observe Curriculum:-

The curriculum can also give an idea about the standard of a preschool. A good preschool will not only focus on academic skills but also on social skills. Your child will play many interesting games that will increase the sharpness of his or her mind. The preschool activities will also teach your child social values like how to interact with your elders as well as likeminded companions. Self-confidence will also be developed in your child.

Physical tasks:-

The various physical tasks will help the children in practicing their motor skills. The preschool organizes many fun-loving sports activities such as racing, playing with the ball, etc. There will also be indoor games to play for children in addition to outdoor games.

Make full use of time:-

The best preschools set certain timings for each activity whether it is reading books, playing games or taking a nap. The children will also be taught how to keep the room tidy thus inculcating a sense of responsibility and capability among them. A good preschool also ensures that kids will focus on their studies without wasting any time.

Insider Strategies For Getting The Best Bak Chor Mee

A recent research study shows that there are more plates of Bak Chor Mee being sold on a daily basis in Singapore than any other meal. This food is mainly minced meat with noodles. Chefs have come up with brilliant ways of including fish balls, mushrooms and crispy pork in their recipes. Even so, it goes without saying that some professionals will simply master preparation of this meal better than others. If you want to enjoy the best Bak Chor Mee within your area, there are a few insider strategies that may come in handy.

Eating healthy is just as important as ensuring that you would enjoy each bite that you take. In this respect, you need to consider the food preparation process carefully in order to identify experts who could genuinely give you the best value for your money. Then again, other aspects that accompany good food such as a suitable atmosphere and great customer service should also be considered.

You may wonder how you go about finding the finest Bak Chor Mee stall. As you go about research, focus on finding professionals who will not just serve as a convenience when you do not have the time to cook your own food, but those who could keep you looking forward to your next visit to the restaurant. Making all rounded considerations could help you find professionals who will get this kind of a spell on you.

Food is a topic that has often risen to become a subject of contentious debate. In Singapore in particular, you are likely to find more people willing to be vocal on food matters than on partisan politics. This also means that you could easily find the best stalls by seeking the views of trusted acquaintances within your circles.

The reputation of a prospective restaurant could tell you a lot about what to expect of the general dining experience that could be offered. There is always a need of doing a background screening of potential experts in order to know what they are truly made of. Competent experts may not lack harsh critics who are not on their side. Even so, they will still maintain a decent customer rating.

An inviting aroma is a prime trait of any decent restaurant. This means that a fresh pot of food is being prepared in the kitchen. You are also bound to see numerous customers within such establishments. With so many restaurants to choose from, only the finest professionals get to attract and maintain a stable client base.